If you find mass transit and public transportation as fascinating as I do, you have come to the right place.

I am a facilitator and mediator in Austin, Texas, and I ride public transportation most of the time.  My wife and I share one car, which she mostly uses for her career.

Mass transit “seduced” me when I lived in Washington, DC, New York, and other parts of the northeast.  I have since explored transit systems around the country and continue to do so.

This blog is meant as an opportunity to explore multiple aspects of the transit experience.  My ultimate goal is to understand the history of transit, how it works now, and what can make it better.  I will be posting entries from my own experience and articles and posts from others examining the history, current state, and future of transit.

For starters, check out this interesting essay on the virtues of fare-free transit systems:

Fare-Free Transit

And more on fare-freedom:
Fare Freedom


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