Trolley to…?

I spent the night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I took a walk around downtown on Sunday morning.  I got a nice view of the Mississippi River and a glimpse at the State Capitol and some interestingly-designed museums.  I also noticed several trolley stops.  But when I looked more closely, I saw the trolley only stops weekdays between 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM.  It’s free, and that makes sense–it looks like it’s mostly a circulator around the central business district.  But like the Dillo in Austin, it would probably be more worthwhile and popular if it catered to tourists and others, in addition to what I assume is a lunching crowd.

The Baton Rouge Advocate also reported that some residents are generally dissatisfied with the bus system; evidently, a lot of the routes feed into a central hub, which adds a lot of time to commutes.  Austin has a similar situation but quite a few routes that don’t require you to go all the way downtown and then all the way back out.

With several key destinations (state Capitol, Louisiana State University, museums, and casinos), I would think Baton Rouge would be a good fit for a full-fledged streetcar, but all the vacant and boarded-up space downtown probably means there’s very limited funding for such a thing, and maybe much higher priorities.


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