An Aussie counterpart backs transit

This post posits that residents of Melbourne, Australia can be convinced to take transit.  Hope the same holds true in many American metro areas.


4 responses to “An Aussie counterpart backs transit

  1. Thanks for backtracking to us

    Look forward to dialoging with Americans, and hope Obama has lots of transit funding to go round.

    Pity Biden was saying “don’t take the subway” isn’t he the biggest rail fan in Washington?

    • You’re welcome!
      I think the transit funding is coming–not in sufficient amounts, but still coming.
      Biden could benefit from a bit more deliberation before speaking.

  2. You might be interested – I’ve just posted my thoughts on US high speed rail, with a final comment on our own HS rail prospects.

    Also we’ve had this problem in Australia of astro-turfing opposition to Light Rail schemes – usually the opposition political party and their business interests disguised as ‘ordinary people’ – click on my website.

  3. the hsr post is at

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