Latest in transit

Labor strikes are integral to the transit tales of the past few years–in Austin where I live, in more union-rich cities, and abroad, in London.  Transit can ill-afford to overlook the importance of labor unions.

This change in San Francisco is encouraging, to me.  It’s difficuilt to strike a balance between stops that are too frequent and stops that are too far apart.  Obviously, planners have to consider the needs of the elderly and disabled, but it seems like the San Francisco folks will keep them in mind while still making buses run faster.  That’s something a lot of systems should consider.  To me, a two city block walk (if relatively flat) isn’t too far for someone to walk to a stop/station.

More good news in Dallas.  I remain depressed, as an Austinite, at how badly Dallas-Fort Worth is outpacing us on rail transit.

Somewhat off the beaten path of transit rides, I applaud my home agency, Capital Metro, for their work on employee wellness!

An interesting move on Capitol Hill to give transit agencies flexibility in spending federal dollars on operating expenses. I have always felt the differentiation between capital and operating expenses seemed a bit arbitrary, but obviously, the federal government can’t become the checking account of local/regional transit agencies nationwide.  It’s a balancing act.

Cool perk for Chicago subway riders–more wireless!  Plus revenue for the local transit agency.

More electronic/mobile  electronic news from Los Angeles, where they will allow more route data to be utilized within Google Maps, iPhone, Blackberry, and the like.  Good news.  The more ways people have to figure out what to ride when, from where to where, the better.

Stimulus funds for Atlanta’s MARTA (updating an earlier entry).


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