Wrong time for fare hikes and service cuts

Capital Metro in my hometown of Austin, Texas, voted in some fare hikes recently (and is poised to approve more soon), and apparently, they’re not alone.  This report confirms that Austin is part of a national trend with really rough timing–more people are riding transit because of the economy, formerly sky-high gas prices, maybe a sense of environmentalism or adventure, etc.  But transit agency budgets are tied to funding streams that are getting hit by the economy (sales taxes, in our case and many others nationally), so fares go up and service declines.

Transportation for America thinks this calls for “a long-term, sustainable source of funding for building, operating and maintaining the entire network.”  I couldn’t say it better.


3 responses to “Wrong time for fare hikes and service cuts

  1. Great blog – stumbled over from Keep Austin Wonky.

  2. You might research the public transportation system in Milwaukee. We have an inexcusable history of fear-ignorance-arrogance-inactivity.

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