To bus or not to bus

I am kicking myself, transit geek that I am, for eschewing the bus yesterday for my car share service.  But I did the math, and time was not on my side.

I was going from downtown to Exposition and Westover–not a bad bus ride on the #21/#22.  But then I was going to Duval and 51st–I would have had to wait thirty minutes and ride for 45 with a transfer.  And then I could have taken a single bus to the dentist down Duval and then back to work on the same bus, though it runs infrequently.

So, I spent a lot more money for a lot more convenience.  Therein lies a rub (one of several) for transit, particularly bus (not rapid transit in dedicated right of way). It’s just hard to make the case to ride when you’re tripling/quadrupling the time, and time for many people is money.


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