Go, Dallas?!?!?

I never thought I’d say that.

Looks like Dallas (along with Fort Worth) is pressing full-speed ahead to grow their transit through a streetcar.  What’s striking is the enthusiasm among city leaders to move forward even without a firm handle on how to fund it–confident they’ll find one (or ones).  We need that kind of leadership and vision to entice funders to the transit table.

Streetcars are unusual in that they’re probably the least versatile/functional–they don’t go very far or fast–but the most popular (see San Francisco).  It seems like a natural next step for Dallas, given their existing light rail and bus service.  I wish them well–and that’s coming from a native Houstonian who generally doesn’t wish Dallas well ever.


2 responses to “Go, Dallas?!?!?

  1. asexualmystique

    This native Milwaukeean generally doesn’t wish Chicago well ever.

    But I really did when they were being considered for the Olympics.

  2. I hate to see yet more scarce rail dollars wasted on shared-lane streetcar (which will always be just a little bit worse than a bus running the same route).

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