Low…ri…ders (think “Dazed and Confused” soundtrack)

You know the song I’m talking about.

Anyway, I’m talking about the low rider-ship projections for a new light rail line in Los  Angeles. Evidently, the problem has something to do with where the line does or doesn’t go.  But it also has to do with what might happen with land use, which in LA is obviously all over the place (not so much rhyme or reason that’s evident).  This was encouraging:

“Marc Littman, an MTA spokesman, said Gold Line ridership would probably increase significantly in the coming years if development occurs around some of the line’s stations and if the pattern of the Eastside opening follows that of the Blue Line’s opening nearly two decades ago.

“The Metro Blue Line ridership has quadrupled since 1990 to become one of the busiest light rail lines in the country…We will continue marketing the new extension so the ridership will steadily build.”

I haven’t ridden transit in LA yet–only been there once since rail was in, I think, and didn’t do buses last time because I had to get from West LA to Redondo Beach several times and it seemed impractical.  I look forward to my next venture to try it, especially with Google Transit as an aid.


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