Ride, riders ride, upon your mystery…train?

I was very encouraged by this post about trends in transit ridership–particularly because lots of cities are seeing increases in riders that aren’t New York, Chicago, Boston, or Washington (or others with really robust systems).

Of course, some macro trends like oil/gas prices and the economy could have driven numbers more than improvements.  But I think transit systems deserve some of the credit–particularly cities like Charlotte, who added urban rail for the first time in North Carolina.

And then there’s this cautionary tale: “But the jumps seen from 2006 to 2008 in America’s second-tier metro areas suggest the possibility of a more transit-tolerant future. Under the right circumstances, the demand for transit is there. But until the economy turns around and transit systems see their budgets rebound, slashed services and raised fares will likely stifle the rate of increase in transit commuting.”


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