Start spreading the news…

The map’s easier to read…

New York’s trying to simplify its subway map. While this might seem simply aesthetic, I would argue that one of transit’s major challenges is to make understanding the system as easy as possible. I’ve generally found New York’s system to be fairly easy to understand–the colors and numbers are clear to me. But the more that can be done to simplify the visual nature of the system, the better.

Transit must continue to study the way the end user (the rider) encounters the system–both before, during, and after. The “before” largely involves how they figure out where to ride. For the most technologically blessed, an iPhone or other mobile that has Google Maps/Transit makes it incredibly easy. But for the huge majority of riders who don’t have that benefit, easy to understand maps and guides are crucial. Here’s to you, New York, New York. #snappatx


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