Transit, transit, l’chaim!

Little could make me kvell (a Yiddush verb I’ve taken to mean “rejoice over”) more than this piece out of Los Angeles about the Jewish community’s response to added transit in, of all places, L.A.  The idea that my fellow Jews have made a point of supporting transit expansion and viewing it as good for the economy, the environment, and the quality of life, rather than as a disruptive boondoggle, is very exciting for me.  The first generations of Jews who lived in the United States most often migrated to urban centers where streetcars and other transit were the norm, but obviously, anyone who has grown up in Los Angeles grew up in a world where transit was a difficult way to get around.  So, it’s especially heartening to see this leadership from the Jewish community at a time when more and more enthusiasm is building around major transit expansions nationwide.


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